How To Clean Your Gutters

Gutters control the water flow from your roof. They serve to protect your roof, soffit, fascia, walls, foundation, and landscaping.

Damage Caused by Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can overfill and the excess water has to go somewhere. If water from your clogged gutters pools and sits on your shingles, it can seep in your roof and cause damage to the interior of your home. Water spilling over the sides of your clogged gutters it can cause ruts in your landscaping or even over-saturate your foundation causing cracks and leaks. Clogged gutters that fill with water can become heavy and separate from the house. Not to mention that clogged gutters are a haven for all kinds of pests including rodents, insects, and mold.

Cleaning your gutters regularly can prevent clogging. You should clean your gutters at least twice per year, usually in the fall after the leaves have fallen and again in the spring. It is also important to check your gutters after major storms to check for storm debris and ensure they are in proper working order. Even gutters with screen cover systems need to be cleaned regularly.

It is recommended that you hire a handyman to clean your gutters if your home is more than one-story or if you are uneasy on a ladder.

Tools for Cleaning Your Gutters

If you choose to tackle the project yourself you will need a few basic supplies including:

· A ladder (make sure to use the right size ladder for the job and follow basic ladder safety)
· A gutter scoop or small garden shovel
· Heavy-duty work gloves
· A bucket, yard-waste bag, or tarp
· A garden hose
· Protective eye-wear
· Scrub brush
· Plumber’s auger/snake (for really tough blockage)

How To Clean Your Gutters

Be sure you do not damage your gutters by leaning your ladder on them.

Start by scooping out the loose debris in your gutters. Wear heavy duty work gloves to protect your hands from sharp gutter edges and screws. It is easiest to scoop debris into a bucket or yard waste bag. Another option would be to lay a tarp on the ground under your work area to dump the debris on. Dumping waste directly on the ground creates more mess to clean up later and could damage your landscaping.   

Spray out your gutters with a garden hose. Wear protective eye-wear to prevent debris from splashing into your eyes. For best results use a hose nozzle with adjustable pressure and spray toward the down spout. Avoid splashing debris onto your house.

Use a scrub brush to clean out and dried on dirt or debris.

Flush down spouts with a garden hose. Make sure down spouts flow freely. If down spouts are especially clogged use a plumber’s auger/snake to clean out debris.

While you are at it, check for any damage or leaks and make sure your gutters have not come loose from your house.

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